Unitive Consciousness: Dissolving the Matrix of Duality

Unitive Consciousness: Dissolving the Matrix of Duality

Sue Hewitt & Karl Pernull are coming to Geneva in September

for a 2-Hour Free Talk & a Weekend Workshop

September 23-25, 2016


Free Talk: 19:30-21:30, Friday, September 23, 2016 at Kak.Alom Studio in the Pâquis – downtown Geneva

Unitive Consciousness Workshop:

9:00-18:00, Saturday, September 24, 2016

9:00-17:00, Sunday, September 25, 2016

Regular Price: SFr. 450, including lunch both days

(SFr. 450 = approximately £324 or €410)

Venue: The John Knox Centre in Grand-Saconnex – Geneva

The workshop fee of SFr. 450 includes the 2-day workshop including Friday evening’s event as well as lunch both days at the John Knox Centre (a SFr. 33.60 value). Please reserve your place by completing this form, returning it and paying the workshop fee with the reference: “Unitive Consciousness” to Melina Fuhrmann, 33, rue du Bourg-Dessus, CH-1248 Hermance, IBAN: CH27 0900 0000 1417 9697 6. If you can not make a wire transfer, please contact Melina about a PayPal payment.

If you cancel your registration, you will receive a full refund until August 23, 50% from August 24 to September 9, and no refund during the last 2 weeks prior to the workshop.r to the workshop – however, you may apply 30% of the fee to a future workshop or course.

UC – Registration Form
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What is Reality?

Discover the power of the dualistic template and its effects on your unique potential.

Open to the energy trapped in duality and move through the portal into the unified field.

What an experience!


Developing the Shift:

Sue & Karl are delighted to present a workshop on Unitive Consciousness – Dissolving the Matrix of Duality.

We happily invite you to join us in this journey of discovery!

This workshop is for anyone ready to step beyond his or her personal limitations and expand to a more creative reality with more freedom and potential.

Moving beyond duality and integrating expanded consciousness into your being and everyday reality results in self-empowerment and living in joy. We will take you through the steps to open the portal in your consciousness and through into expanded awareness, holding open the space to be in both perceptual paradigms.

The workshop will have aspects of both teaching and direct experiential learning.

There will also be space to experience the creative wave of this new collective and individual consciousness.

Travel with us and experience the transformative power of this weekend.

Dissolving the Matrix:

Individual reality is created in the brain from experience built up throughout our lifetime and the sensory input we take in every moment. This reality is based on the binary paradigm and is a collective pattern of consciousness. We have learnt to experience our reality in this dualistic way; for example: safe or unsafe, or light or dark.

We are calling this the Binary Matrix. Which is limiting our experience, consciousness and ultimately our potential.

What if we were able to change this conceptual framework and free us from this limitation?

Instead of two aspects we experience infinite possibility, so from linear to spherical reality. Along the lines of Quantum mechanics. Yes, we can be in many places at the same time, and, yes, we can connect to a ‘network’ of consciousness, and, in fact, we are this network.

To do this we need to re-orientate our sense of centre and our sensate experience of ourselves as inside and outside of “self”. We call this process De-Indentification.

To experience the dissolving of this ‘boundary or limitation’ of self and develop a very different sensate and consciousness instrumentarium or organ.

We will walk you through this process of de-indentification and build new consciousness that will allow you to expand your potential and experience self as a slight and limited encrustation (programming) with infinite self being the space (inside and outside) encompassing inside and outside simultanously.

This shift of consciousness is experienced at a cellular level not just with the mind. It affects everything in life, and we begin to live in synchronicity, work in a collective network without the need for hierarchy. This brings joy and creativity to life and a new groundedness (in health)…

Genes are not controlling our biology. Medicine is evolving into Information Medicine where the task is to change disturbed information. Nerves and hormones are among those messengers of information, yet they often are activated through unconscious programming, not a response to reality.

The unconscious human in his state of health – disorder, is determined by so called unconscious processes, psychoenergetic, chemical, genes…. This is our programming running us. It is time for humanity to wake up from this so called unconscious programming (the Matrix) and take responsibility to experience our multidimensionality consciously through self determination. Unconscious pattering, i.e. instinct, can be decoded. Let go of belief systems that try to tell us that our unconscious is stronger in determining our life. There is an “I” that runs the show. In this experiential seminar we will lead you beyond your programming; this opens new ways of seeing and self determination in joy.

We will walk you through this process of de-indentification and build new consciousness that will allow you to remove limits from your potential. This is true transformation from the programmed Matrix of victim existence into a deprogrammed conscious Life.

As your genes and cells were coded with psychoenergetic imprints, so you can decode them with the same. Get to know the unidentified “I”, the Self that steers all the processes of creation conscious or unconscious, the one that experiences unity.

Sue Hewitt & Karl Pernull:

Both Sue and Karl have extensive experience in the evolution of consciousness, the facilitation of personal process in both individual and group context, and creating innovative learning forums for broader conscious experience.

SueHewittSue Hewitt is an international Healer, Teacher, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner©, Brennan Integration Work Practitioner© and Supervisor, and on the Board of the NHS representing all Healers in the U.K. She taught for many years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe and has more than 40 years of experience as a teacher and therapist. Her practice is in Brighton in the U.K. as well as internationally through long distance sessions via Skype.

“Evolution of consciousness is my life path. I have worked to empower myself and others through developing greater self awareness and taking responsibility for the creative process that is life itself.

My journey has taken me down many exciting paths. I began as a teacher of mathematics and a youth worker. This beginning opened up the possibilities of both therapeutic and teaching, parallel threads in my life.

I have worked in may therapeutic roles with individuals and groups: social worker, probation officer, family therapist, management consultant, psychotherapist, group facilitator, supervisor.

I have taught in schools, colleges, universities and private institutions in the U.K. and internationally.

I have studied psychology, sociology, group and institutional dynamics, family systems, energy healing and transformational dynamics.

I believe in the infinite potential of every human being and that given the right support we can all reach our potential.

This journey has brought me to now. I work with individuals, couples and groups to facilitate transformational change.”

BSc Healing Science 2007
Brennan Healing Science Graduate 1999
Brennan Integrated Practitioner 2003
Diploma in Healing 1992
School of Channeling 1993
C Q S W 1973
Cert Ed 1967


Karl Pernull is an Energy Coach and Transformational Facilitator and consciously lives the multidemensional Being – we are. Both in his academic and professional career in industry and business he travelled the globe and worked in multicultural environments. Over 15 years as a leader in international business management he has learned to support people and teams in realising their objectives. With this passion in mind he made a conscious move into researching, studying and practicing information and energy medicine and modalities of consciousness over the last decade in order to support human evolution and assist people to use their fullest potential in a balanced life.

“Empowerment of Self, Self Determination does not allow for a victim consciousness and gives us all the tools to overcome pre-determined states, may they be emotional, mind or genetically based. Wherever you find yourself at in your life, the right support system will allow you to use ressources dormant in you. Change in your Life, in your Body, Family, Relationships and Job start within your inner Self. The Self that may govern all of you even the unconsious behavior.”

He runs a private practice since 2006 with both individual and group sessions, in person and via Skype, as well as running seminars and workshops in Europe.

For more information: www.energyinstitut.com.

Brennan Healing Science Training

BHS Studies in Europe and the USA

Advanced Studies Brennan Integration Practitioner

Teacher Trainee, teaching in the first year

Certified Hands of Light Workshop Leader

Facilitator and Workshop Leader in Transformational Breathing

Academic Record

MBA, Innsbruck, Austria

MSc Integrative Health Sciences, Graz

Bachelor Degree in Healing Science, Miami

Researching a Doctorate in Heart Rate Variability Measurement in Breathing Therapy

Spoken Languages: German, English, French


Venue: John Knox Centre, 27, chemin des Crêts de Pregny, 1218 Grand-Saconnex – Geneva

Rooms Available, Free Parking & 5 km/10 minutes from the Geneva airport.

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The John Knox Centre is a place for study, seminars and conferences located 10-20 minutes on foot from the WHO, ILO, UN, Red Cross and most of the other international organizations, and from the Geneva Airport it is 8-10 minutes by taxi (SFr. 25 + baggage) or 15 minutes by bus (free with ticket offered by the airport at baggage claim – Bus 28 or 5 then 10 minute walk). From the Geneva Cornavin main train station Bus 8 or F takes 10-15 minutes and costs SFr. 3.50. It is located in the middle of a beautiful park with many centenarian trees. There are 56 single or double rooms available, both with a full bathroom or with shared bathrooms, offering sleeping possibilities for different budgets. A free pass on all public transportation in Geneva is included in the daily SFr. 2.50 tourist tax. There is plenty of free parking available at the Centre.

If you would like to stay onsite, here is information about the rooms available at the John Knox Centre:
  • Room with shower/WC – 1 person – SFr. 107
  • Room with shower/WC – 2 people – SFr. 130
  • Room with wash-basin, shower & WC in the hall – 1 person – SFr. 66
  • Room with wash-basin, shower & WC in the hall – 2 people – SFr. 88
  • Room without running water, bathroom in the hall – 1 person – either SFr. 55 or SFr. 40 (rooms near the kitchen)
  • Room without running water, bathroom in the hall – 2 people – SFr. 65
The prices include breakfast. You may use space in a fridge as well.
They are open every day until 7 p.m. The phone number is +41 22 747 00 00 and email is welcome@johnknox.ch.

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