Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Choosing Trust over Fear,

Pleasure over Guilt,

Self-Empowerment over Shame

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning ways to manage their energy on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit.

We have all experienced times when the free flow of our energy seems blocked. Energy blockages result in dysfunctional behavior and health problems. In order to unblock our energy, we can 1) recognize the blocks we carry, 2) find ways to understand their source and meaning, and 3) develop tools to heal them.

This workshop integrates ancient wisdom and the practical application of this knowledge in your life. We will use techniques such as meditation, breathing, bio-energetic exercises, journaling and individual & group exercises to help you connect into the consciousness of different aspects of your energy field in order to assist you in overcoming self-sabotage in your life. 

  • grounding-cords– Grounding is made through the body when we make a solid contact with the earth. It helps us Choose Trust over Fear. It provides a connection that makes as feel alive and rooted in our environment. We feel centered in ourselves and safe even when there is chaos around us. Our life force energy flows into and through our 1st chakra, giving us stability and physical health. We will take an integrated approach to help you connect into the consciousness of your 1st chakra and learn ways to manifest both more energy and more calm in your life.
  • – Our life force energy flows into and through us. It is the source of our feelings, desires, creativity, and sexuality. Without this energy flowing freely and fluidly, you can simply feel stuck, tired, overwhelmed and stressed. We will learn ways to Choose Pleasure over Guilt in your life.
  • – Your thoughts and beliefs are very powerful. They have an ability to affect your health, well-being and success in life. Many people have grown up not feeling empowered due to negative thoughts about themselves. The medical research is all there. And, while it is not going mainstream in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, there are innovative companies, such as Google in Silicon Valley, which consider the mind-body connection the key to success, and the best way to achieve increased Screen-Shot-2013-01-19-at-5.38.38-PMproductivity and enhanced creativity among their employees. The life force energy that flows through us gives us our self-definition – our self identity, our individuality. Without this energy flowing freely and fluidly, you do not have your full power and can become held back by negative thoughts. We learn ways to Choose Self-empowerment over Shame and negative thinking, thus manifesting more vitality, purpose and self-esteem.
  • – You will finish the weekend with a personalised action plan to assist you to Overcome Self-sabotage in your life.

This workshop will integrate parts of the half-day Cultivating Your Energy Consciousness classes Grounding, Fluidity and Power & Action and expand on them.

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10:00-18:00 – 2 days


Price: $400 or SFr. 400 per person including lunch both days for groups of 4 or more. 

For individuals, a private course can be organized.


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