Private Meditation Courses Available in-person and online

  • – 3 Sessions in-person – 1 hour each – $300 or SFr. 300

  • – 3 Sessions online – 1 hour each – SFr. 240 / $240 / €200

Monday Meditation: Cultivating Clarity

Come and explore meditation as a means to:

Reduce Stress

Increase Mental Concentration, Clarity and Awareness

Make Better Decisions

Create Inner Peace

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

Improve Overall Health and Well-being

We will be using such techniques as:



Body Relaxation

Mantra Recitation

Energy Center Focus

Non-Directive Meditation

Monday Meditations are offered FREE – Gratitude Box available for contributions


New Location… coming soon…

Space Limited – RSVP required – In English with French translation possible



Sufi Heart Meditation

A moving meditation to quiet the mind and open the heart

with Melina Fuhrmann

Join Melina one evening each month for a 50-minute moving meditation that consists of a simple breath and movement exercise, which can help relieve inner tension and quiet the mind, allowing the energy of the heart to start to flow freely. The beating pulse of our energy-consciousness can be heard in the center of the heart chakra. As this chakra becomes balanced and energized, harmony in our life starts to unfold. This heart meditation, which is based on the Sufi tradition dating back hundreds of years, will create a harmonious unification of body and soul as the movements engage you with the four cardinal directions of N, S, E and W, and your breath invites in love.


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